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Arden Jujo (Tokyo) Share house

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Location Jujo Nakahara, Kita-ku,Tokyo
  • Jujo Sta. (JR Saikyo Line) 3 min walk.
  • Higashi Jujo Sta. (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line) 10 min walk.
Construction 2 story Wooden Structure
Deposit ¥40,000
Rent ¥58,000 - ¥59,000
Min Term Start from 3 months
Traditionally built Japanese-styled sharehouse located within a shopping district.
Located in Jujo, this beautiful sharehouse was constructed with a fusion of Japanese and cultural aesthetics in mind. The external appearance and entrance are characteristically reminiscent of unchanging Japanese architecture of the past. Its antique finished wood and Japanese styled furniture found in several places help create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. The interior of the living room and corridors are adorned with an exquisite balance of nostalgic, Japanese articles like Manekineko and hand towels and Asian and ethnic articles like Moroccan/Turkish lamps, Indian printed cloth, and Balinese miscellaneous goods. Certainly, this sharehouse is equipped with the latest electronic goods like those for kitchen-use and air conditioners so, one can live comfortably and with ease in such a space.
Arden Jujo is a convenient 3min walk from the Saikyo line's [Jujo station] and a 10min walk from Keihin-Tohoku line's [Higashi-Jujo station]. You can access Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya easily using the Saikyo line, as well as East-Tokyo areas like Tokyo station using the Keihin-Tohuku line. Whichever you use, you can arrive to this secret treasure location within 10min!
From the Jujo station exit, you can pass through Jujo's Ginza shopping district on the way to Arden Jujo. The shopping district is bustling with lively arcades and shops. Conveniently, Arden Jujo is located within the shopping district mall, so those rainy days home without umbrellas are OK! Of course, there are cafes and fast-food restaurants in shopping district, but you can also find fresh markets, drugstores and other convenient stores here. On the way home, you can do your usual shopping easily. The pleasant smell of freshly prepared grilled fish and fried foods lingers in the air from delicatessen stores. Holding such foods in one hand and returning home can be something to look forward to as all these stores are lined up.

Community and Activities

House party

Live with Japanese


Friendly Japanese tenants eager to learn English and share Japanese culture and language.

House party

House party

Once a month (with subsidy)

You can enjoy food or drinks with your housemates, and even bring your own friends to meet the other members you live with.

International events

International events

6 times a year

Held jointly between Arden share houses, we host events such as Halloween, Christmas parties and summer BBQ events.

House meeting

House meeting

Irregular date

Meetings between residents help determine the rules and events for every house, so that the rules benefit each house on an individual basis.


Job opportunity

We are always interested to hear from outgoing friendly individuals that want to engage in fun casual conversation with Japanese tenants. We are looking for individuals that can speak at a fluent English level.

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  • Jujo Sta.
  • JR Saikyo Line
6mint to Ikebukuro (Direct)、12min to Shinjuku (Direct)、17min to Shibuya (Direct)、19min to Ebisu (Direct)
  • Higashi Jujo Sta.
  • JR Keihin-Tohoku Line
13min to Ueno (Direct), 12min to shinjuku-sanchome(Direct), 17min to Akihabara (Direct), 21min to Tokyo (Direct)

Your Neighborhood

図書館(北区立上十条図書館 徒歩4分)、公園(東京都北区立中央公園 徒歩16分)、コンビニ(サンクス 徒歩2分、セブンイレブン 徒歩2分)、スーパー(カトウ 徒歩2分、福丸ストアー 徒歩2分、オーケーストア 徒歩7分)、郵便局(十条仲原郵便局 徒歩3分)、お弁当(オリジン弁当 徒歩1分)、薬局(マツモトキヨシ 徒歩1分)、病院(岸病院 徒歩2分)

location imageFrom the station, you can pass through Jujo Ginza shopping district on rainy days to stay dry.
location imageAlong with typical cafes and fastfood, you can find drugstores, fresh markets, and convenient stores for daily living.
location imageWith many delicatessen shops, it's easy eat grilled fish and fried goods by hand.


Architecture 2 story Wooden Structure
Room (s) 4 private rooms
Internet FTTH (Internet connections available from all private rooms)
Shared Facilities System kitchen, Microwave oven, Rice cooker, Cooking utensils, Dishes, HDLCD TV (42 inch), Blu-ray Disc with DVD, Air conditioning, Western style toilet, Bath room, Washbasin, Washing machine
Private Facilities Desk, Chair, Bed, Air conditioning, Curtains, Closet, Private room with a door key
Other Facilities Individual mail box, Drying area
Security Entrance key, Room key
Facilities_imgWarm and relaxing living room. For winter use, there is a readily available Kotatsu here.
Facilities_imgThe kitchen is equipped with 3 state-of-the-art gas stovetops, an oven and a fish griller.
Facilities_imgYou can bathe with ease in this large bathtub.

Facilities_imgMoroccan/Turkish lighting goods decorate the corridors like a design out of a drama production set.

Facilities_imgPrivate rooms average about 5 tatami. Quite spacious. Room 203, and 204 come with its own balcony.

Facilities_imgFrom the exterior, this sharehouse looks like it came out of an Old-Japanese folklore. It was designed with this nostalgic, cute aesthetic in mind.

Floor plan

Rental system

Minimum Lease Terms Start from 3months (*1)
Initial cost Deposit ¥40,000 + First month rent + First month utilities (*2)
Monthly cost Monthly Rent + Monthly Utilities (*3)
Renewal fee ¥10,000 (Plus tax will be applied)
Moving out cost ¥25,000 (Take off from your deposit)
  • 1. In the case of early move out under the initial 3 month contract, there will apply a contract breach penalty. After contract renewal there is no penalty for early move out.
  • 2. Please contact us concerning the prorated utility fee to confirm your actual move-in date.
  • 3. Utilies includes, internet, gas, electricity, water and use of shared facilities.
  • Room#
  • Type
  • Size-sq.m
  • (Tatami)
Photo Rent Utilities Direction Notes Availability
  • 201
  • 1BR
  • 7.80㎡
  • (4.81)
¥58,000 ¥12,000
  • South
- Occupied
  • 202
  • 1BR
  • 8.19㎡
  • (5.06)
¥58,000 ¥12,000
  • South
- Occupied
  • 203
  • 1BR
  • 9.41㎡
  • (5.81)
¥59,000 ¥12,000
  • North
Balcony Occupied
  • 204
  • 1BR
  • 9.89㎡
  • (6.11)
¥59,000 ¥12,000
  • North
  • West
Balcony Occupied

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