Learn the Japanese language and culture where you live! Make Japanese friends in a highly social atmosphere with all the benefits of a private apartment.

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Concept of Arden Share house

Share houses allow for multiple residents to share a single property, enjoying private rooms while sharing facilities such as a kitchen and living room. This system allows for residents to enjoy luxury accommodations with an affordable price.

Every house is fully furnished and comes equipped with all basic home appliances, so there is almost no initial cost when moving in. This convenience allows residents to easily get started in their new Tokyo life immediately.

In addition to fully equipped kitchen and fully furnished rooms, our houses already include conveniences such as Internet for every resident. Our houses also provide a safe and fun venue for meeting people in your new life.

Closely Knit Community

We are also residents, or former residents, of share houses. While living in a share house, we had the valuable chance to interact with a wide variety of people ever yday. These interactions were some of the most important aspects of living in a share house. To encourage these interactions, we have developed the following systems.

House meeting

Home Language Exchange

Make friends, improve language, and expand your cultural horizons all from the comfort of home.

House party

Monthly House Parties

Held in every share house every month, house parties can celebrate residents birthdays, new residents, or just friendship.


International events

Held jointly between share houses, we host events such as Halloween parties and summer BBQ events.

House meeting

House Meetings

House meetings between tenants help determine the rules and events for every house, so that the rules benefit each house on an individual basis.

Home Language Exchange

Many of our homes offer a language exchange program, where English speakers and Japanese speakers can enjoy conversations and activities to practice their language ability. As each house has a different program, please contact our staff for more information.

English Activity
English Activity
English Activity

Luxury Living

The spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen, and designer-selected furniture are extravagant for a single person, but by "sharing" with others tenants, we can offer them at a reasonable price.

House meeting

Your private room

You will have your private room with your furniture, including a bed, desk, curtains, light fixtures, and storage.

House party

A large living room

The large living room is equipped with a designer specially selected dining table, sofa, and high-end kitchen.


High-end kitchen

The kitchen of the share house is fully equipped with cooking appliances, dishes, utensils, and individual food stockers.

House meeting

Free high-speed Internet

You can use the internet via Wi-Fi or wired LAN from the day you move in. You don't need to follow any procedures.

Cost breakdown for moving in

Arden share house members save about 3 months of rent compared to traditional Studio. The house is fully furnished, so you can move in easily.

Item Arden
Share house
Traditional Studio
¥30k to ¥50k
1 month's rent
Key money NR ¥77,000
1 month's rent
Rent ¥70,000
Utilities ¥16,000
Agency fee NR ¥77,000
1 month's rent
Guarantor fee NR ¥35,000
50% of the rent
Contract fee ¥22,000
Contract fee ¥20k
Fire insurance ¥10,000
Key exchange NR ¥15,000
Furniture Fully furnished None
Total ¥158,000- ¥364,000-
  • *1:If the moving date is by the 20th of the month, the payment shall be the prorated rent and utilities. If the moving date is after the 20th, the payment shall be the prorated rent and utilities plus next month's rent and utilities.
  • *2:Fire insurance is required. It is also possible to use another insurance company.
  • Reference: Housing Market Trend Survey Report 2020 (Housing Bureau: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

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