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Here are our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers.
If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.

Living in a Share house

House parties are held monthly in every share house, pictures of past events are available on our community page or our Facebook fan page.
We have many regular events that involve multiple share houses. Additionally, you are encouraged to bring friends to events and house parties. For more information about our events, check our event page and Facebook fan page.
There is no curfew. When coming home late, please be respectful of your housemates.
It is allowed as long as your friend is the same gender. Family members are allowed if photo identification is provided to us. Please let our office know in advance if a friend will be staying at your room. If they are staying for less than three days, there will be no additional cost. If they stay longer, there will be an additional charge.
It is okay to have friends over of any gender. However, if you are inviting a man to an all-woman share house, you must get the permission of all your housemates first.
In most of our houses, everyone is in charge of cleaning up after themselves in the common areas. However, in some houses we have part-time contractors who will clean the common spaces.
Please follow the town’s posted garbage collection schedule provided at each house.

Private Rooms

Pets are not allowed in any share house.
Rooms may not be used as an office space.
Rooms are typically fully furnished with a bed, chairs, air conditioning, and curtains. Some rooms also feature television, refrigerator, toilet, or independent sink. For more information on each room’s furnishings, please check the individual share house’s website.
All rooms have a cable outlet, provided you have a television. Not all rooms come equipped with a television.
You may not smoke in any private room. Please smoke in the house’s designated smoking area.
The costs of using the Internet are included in the flat utility fee. There is wireless internet access in the house common areas, and either a wired or wireless connection available in every private room.
Unfortunately, most of our properties do not accept tourist visas. Please see this page for properties where you can move in with a tourist visa. "List of share houses that can be moved in with a tourist visa"

Rental System

While most rooms are for an individual only, there are rooms that allow for two residents to share the room. For more information, please contact our staff.
It is not currently possible.
It is possible for anyone over the age of 20 to move in.
It is possible, depending on the share house. For more details, please contact our staff.
It is not currently possible to reserve a room, but we can contact you when there is an availability.
Generally furnishings cannot be removed. Please contact our staff regarding your specific request.


Please ask our staff.
The minimum contract period is 3 months.
One week from the point of availability, if you are making a deposit on a room that has recently become available.
The exact costs are different for each share house, the following table is just an example. For exact details, please contact our staff.

Initial Cost Initial Cost = Security Deposit + Prorated Rent + Prorated Utilities* + Fire insurance
Example:¥40,000 Deposit + ¥70,000 Rent + ¥16,000 Utilities + Contract fee ¥22,000 (tax included) + Fire insurance ¥10,000
Total Cost = ¥158,000
Monthly Cost Monthly Cost = Rent + Utilities
Example:¥70,000 Rent + ¥16,000 Utilities
Total Cost = ¥86,000
Moving Out Cost Cleaning fee (Take off from your deposit)
Example:¥27,500 (tax included) Cleaning fee
Total Cost = ¥27,500
*1:The first month’s utilities will be calculated on a daily basis, based on when you moved in.
*2:Fire insurance is required (¥10,000/For one year)
It is possible to re-contract if the original lessor agrees. In this case, there will be a ¥11,000 (tax included) re-contract fee.
You will need to come to our office to fill out the contract paperwork.
(Address) Kiryu Bld. 2F, 2-21-1, Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan ZIP:1700013

Moving Out

If you would like to move out within the period stated on the contract, please send us a written notice in advance.
fax. 03-6277-0512
Email. (go to online form)
Rental fees and utility fees must be paid to the end of the month in full. However, if you stay with another resident in the same house before leaving, it is possible to pay only partial fees on a daily basis.
If you leave the house in the initial contract period, there will be a fee charged. There is no penalty after the initial contract period. The table below is just an example, please contact our staff for details.

Less than 1 Month 100% of a month’s rent
Example:¥50,000 Rent = ¥50,000 Fee
Less than 2 Months 80% of a month’s rent
Example:¥50,000 Rent = ¥40,000 Fee
Less than 3 Months 60% of a month’s rent
Example:¥50,000 Rent = ¥30,000 Fee
In general, you may not leave behind any of your possessions. Please contact our staff for specific details.

Corporate Customers

Yes, a receipt may be issued.

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