Home Language Exchange

Home Language Exchange is our new program for language and cultural exchanges between tenants in our share houses. While Japanese tenants will be able to learn English from native speakers, our foreign tenants will also be able to improve their Japanese skills and knowledge of Japanese culture. With regular language exchange activity.

Live with Japanese

Living together with Japanese who share the same interest in language is a great way to share cultural experiences and language ability. Every day, not only do you get to practice speaking in each other`s language, but you get a firsthand glimpse of what Japanese culture is like in a living environment. Coupled with weekly activities that promote language learning, and Share Style`s Language Exchange program is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in Japan.

Living in Japan, Japanese is an integral part of everyday life. There is no better way to improve your understanding of Japanese language and culture than by living with native Japanese. In order to further reinforce this, we have created language exchange programs in many of our guest houses. These programs allow you to practice your language abilities in casual conversational exercises, such as games or role-playing scenarios.