Share house For Rent in Shinjuku-ku

Find a share house in Shinjuku-ku. Learn Japanese language and culture where you live! Make Japanese friends in a highly social atmosphere with all the benefits of a Private Apartment-style Rooms in Shinjuku-ku. Shinjuku City is a central city of Japan with many visitors and 300,000 residents, and while it has an urban aspect, natural green areas such as the Musashino Plateau remain on the east side of the city. The area is also popular among students, with many universities such as Waseda University and Tokyo University of Science. If you are looking for a share house in Shinjuku-ku, feel free to contact SHARE STYLE for more information.

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Conveniently located only 2 minutes from the JR Chuo and Sobu lines. Akihabara, Kanda, and Tokyo station that is only 18 minutes from Koenji.

If you like park, you will be very happy. Yoyogi park is located in the life area. Harajuku and Shinjuku area about 7~8 minutes by bicycle.

¥15,000 OFF
Nice and beautiful house. Six members will share a small, tightly knit community. Additionally, every month there will be a house party.