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Arden Ikebukuro (Tokyo) Share house

This Share House is now accepting new tenants.
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Location Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku,Tokyo
  • Ikebukuro Sta. (JR Line) 10 min walk.
  • Kanamecho Sta. (Fukutoshin, Yurakucho Line) 3 min walk.
Construction 10 story Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction
Deposit ¥40,000
Rent ¥63,000 - ¥69,000
Min Term Start from 3 months
Large Station with 9 Available Lines
Ikebukuro station is one of the largest in of Tokyo with lines including: ・JR Yamanote Line・JR Saikyo Line・JR Shonan Shinjuku Line・Narita Express Line・Seibu Ikebukuro Line・Tobu Line・Metro Marunouchi Line・Yurakucho Line・JR Fukutoshin Line. Arden Ikebukuro is a mere, 10 minute walk from Ikebukuro station. One station over via Fukutoshin and Yurakucho Lines, is Kanamecho Station (5 min.), which can conveniently take you to stations such as:・Shibuya (14 min.)・Shinjuku Sanchome(12 min.)・Iidabashi(12 min.)・Yurakucho(21 min.). Arden Ikebukuro provides access you won't find in any other share house.
Rikkyo Street, Stylish Environment
Allow us to give you a short tour from Ikebukuro station to the Arden Ikebukuro Share house. Just outside of the Station's North Exit is a Marui Shopping Center. Rikkyo street runs along Marui. Follow the brick wall along the street and you will find yourself at a cute little Chapel lined with brick. It brings a quaint welcoming feel of old Europe to the busy side of Japan. 10 minutes down the road and you will have arrived at Arden Ikebukuro; cleverly located in a completely transformed side of the city, escaping the station's grimy feel and introducing you to Ikebukuro's luxurious side. Escape the quiet environment to the entertainment rich side, filled with shopping malls and restaurants galore.
Luxury Class Facilities
  • Spacious entrance hall with Luxurious feel
  • Music room with piano for music lovers
  • Attendant Managed Security System
  • Luxuriously designed System Kitchen
  • Large closet for bulky luggage
  • Large bathtub for those long, stressful days
  • Large vanity dresser
  • Wide veranda at the south side
  • Shoe shelf which can fit large boots
International Living
With tenants coming from all over the world, enjoy conversation with people from a variety of countries spanning from Europe to Micronesia. Escape the busy and cramped Tokyo life to your own personal paradise in Arden Ikebukuro.

Community and Activities

House party

Live with Japanese


Friendly Japanese tenants eager to learn English and share Japanese culture and language.

House party

House party

Once a month (with subsidy)

You can enjoy food or drinks with your housemates, and even bring your own friends to meet the other members you live with.

International events

International events

6 times a year

Held jointly between Arden share houses, we host events such as Halloween, Christmas parties and summer BBQ events.

House meeting

House meeting

Irregular date

Meetings between residents help determine the rules and events for every house, so that the rules benefit each house on an individual basis.


Job opportunity

We are always interested to hear from outgoing friendly individuals that want to engage in fun casual conversation with Japanese tenants. We are looking for individuals that can speak at a fluent English level.

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  • Ikebukuro Sta.
  • JR Line
7mint to Korakuen (Direct)、10min to Ochanomizu (Direct)、14min to Otemachi (Direct)、16min to Tokyo (Direct)、25min to Asakusa (1transfer)、16min to Ueno (Direct)、19min to Akihabara (Direct)、8min to Shinjuku (Direct)
  • Kanamecho Sta.
  • Fukutoshin Line
7min to Nishi-waseda (Direct), 12min to shinjuku-sanchome(Direct), 14min to Shibuya (Direct), 14min to Kita-sando (Direct), 20min to Harajuku (Direct)
  • Kanamecho Sta.
  • Yurakucho Line
2min to Ikebukuro (Direct), 12min to Iidabashi(Direct), 14min to Ichigaya (Direct), 15min to Ebisu (1transfer), 18min to Nagatacho (Direct), 21min to Yurakucho (Direct), 22min to Roppongi (2transfers), 23min to Ginza-ichome (Direct), 35min to Shin-kiba (Direct)

Your Neighborhood

大学 立教大学 徒歩5分 図書館 豊島区立目白図書館 徒歩8分 公園 池袋西口公園 徒歩10分 飲食店 やよい軒 徒歩5分、ジョナサン 徒歩7分 コンビニ セブンーイレブン 徒歩3分、ファミリーマート 徒歩4分 スーパー いさみ屋 徒歩7分、サミット 徒歩10分 その他 東京芸術劇場 徒歩11分、丸井 マルイシティ池袋 徒歩10分

location imageIsn't it great theres a SEIBU,TOBU, and OlOl in the area?

location imageIt's a 10 minute walk to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, where exhibitions, plays, and musicals have been performed.
location image14 mins. to Shibuya via Fukutoshin line. 20 mins. to Meiji Shrine (Harajuku). 12 mins. to Shinjuku 3-Chome.

location imageExperience a taste of old Europe in Rikkyo Street.
location imageLife is made easy with nearby supermarkets and drugstores.
location imageNishi Ikebukuro has various cafe's. This one is, "A La Campagne".


Architecture 10 story Steel Reinforced Concrete Construction
Room (s) 4 private rooms
Internet FTTH (Internet connections available from all private rooms)
Shared Facilities System kitchen, Microwave oven, Rice cooker, Cooking utensils, Dishes, HDLCD TV (47 inch), DVD, Air conditioning, Western style toilet, Bath room, Washbasin, Washing machine
Private Facilities Desk, Chair, Bed, Air conditioning, Curtains, Closet, Private room with a door key
Other Facilities Shared mail box, Drying area
Security Entrance Auto-lock, Private Room with lock, Female only

Floor plan

Rental system

Minimum Lease Terms Start from 3months (*1)
Initial cost Deposit ¥40,000 + First month rent + First month utilities (*2)
Monthly cost Monthly Rent + Monthly Utilities (*3)
Renewal fee ¥10,000 (Plus tax will be applied)
Moving out cost ¥25,000 (Take off from your deposit)
  • 1. In the case of early move out under the initial 3 month contract, there will apply a contract breach penalty. After contract renewal there is no penalty for early move out.
  • 2. Please contact us concerning the prorated utility fee to confirm your actual move-in date.
  • 3. Utilies includes, internet, gas, electricity, water and use of shared facilities.
  • Room#
  • Type
  • Size-sq.m
  • (Tatami)
Photo Rent Utilities Direction Notes Availability
  • Room A
  • 1BR
  • 7.4㎡
  • (4.5)
¥63,000 ¥12,000
  • North
  • East
- Occupied
  • Room B
  • 1BR
  • 10.0㎡
  • (6.1)
¥67,000 ¥12,000
  • East
Loft bed Free
  • Room C
  • 1BR
  • 10.0㎡
  • (6.1)
¥69,000 ¥12,000
  • South
- Free
  • Room D
  • 1BR
  • 8.2㎡
  • (5.0)
  • -
  • -
¥65,000 ¥12,000
  • Southeast
- Occupied

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