Age Range

[Average age is 28 years old]
This is community that interact with each other. This is a good match for those who are looking forward to fun experiences such as events and house parties.

Gender Ratio

Currently, 14 males and 9 females living in this share house.

International Ratio

Currently, 1 Swiss, 2 Germany, 1 Dutch, 1 British, 3 French, 1 Italian, 1 American, and 13 Japanese living in this share house.

Community and Activities

Home Language Exchange

Home Language Exchange

Living together with Japanese who share the same interest in language is a great way to share cultural experiences and language ability.

House Party

House Party

Held every month. You can enjoy food or drinks with your housemates, and even bring your own friends to meet the other members you live with.

Inter-House Events

Inter-House Events

Held jointly between share houses, we host events such as Cherry blossom, Halloween, Christmas and summer BBQ events.

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